05 August 2012

Too [Little] Time on My Hands

It's been a little while since I've updated this, here's a little preview of the last month or so.

I've been taking a summer course at URI called Field Botany, which is what has been eating up all my free time.
We had over 300 plants, like these, to learn to identify over the course of about a month.

Leucanthemum vulgare.

Nymphoides odorata.

Pycnanthemum muticum.

Chimaphila maculata.

Toxicodendron radicans.

I've also been out to the salt marshes that we are studying.
Barrington, RI.

Sea water samples, and a CrossFit workout.

Digging out some sediment cores.

The bigger news is that my experiment, determining the relationship between time and Nitrogen-fixation, has begun. We've collected, incubated and are at this moment analyzing the sediment samples. More on that later.